In Mackenzie many  children go hungry,  for some of the most vulnerable  of these children we provide a meal every day. We serve them a varied cost of : rice, beans, Nshima, groundnuts, capenta (a small dried fish) chicken, bread, eggs and vegetables.

Some statistics

A poor person gets 70 percent of his or her calories from grains, chiefly various forms of maize, and most of the remainder from vegetables.

The daily food consumption of a poor Zambian child with consumption level  at the core poverty level:

1. One plate of Nshima.

2. A medium-sized vegetable such

as a sweet potato or tomato.

3. A few spoonfuls of oil.

4. Every 3-4 days, a small serving of chicken, beef, or fish.

5. Every 3-4 days, a piece of fruit such as a banana or mango a handful of groundnuts a couple teaspoons of sugar.



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Your gift of 20 US$ will feed one child for a month.  

Compassion for the poor and needy is the essence of our ministry, so we strive to meet the physical needs of the people as much as we can.


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