Doors of Hope Zambia

Doors of Hope Zambia is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2004 by  Sven Andersson, a native of Sweden, and was formally registered in Zambia in 2006. We have been working in Mackenzie community since 2009.

All funds for the needs of the organization come from individual donors in Sweden through Doors of Hope Sweden, a sister organization which was organized to support Doors of Hope Zambia, and from Sven Anderson’s personal pension. We do not have any paid employees; all in the organization are volunteers therefore all donations we receive are spent on the needs of the Mackenzie community.    

Address: Plot no. 19/01 Mackenzie, Ndola

Reg. no.: ORS/102/27/519


Contact: Sven Andersson (Executive Director)

Tel: 0971.774538


To serve the people in our community and our nation with compassion and love, to help alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization and to help people find hope and grow in a relationship with Christ. 


A. To help  the community through community led responses to fight poverty.

B. To assist households to take positive actions to improve the well being of their livelihood.

C. To facilitate the improvement of the orphans and vulnerable children.

D. To help people find hope and to grow in a relationship with Christ. 

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Sven Andersson ExecutiveDirector

Arnold Singoyi


Chongo Banwell


Titus Mayaba

Vice President

Lennart Fjellmar Board member

Bo Axelsson

Board member

Simon M ulenga Board member

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